Different projects require different skills on set. Sometimes the budget is paramount but sometimes a veteran crew who can operate with little instruction is what is needed. The assistants below have selected the category that best describes their current skills.

Note to Freelancers:  if you would like to be listed here, please provide a bio and contact information (image and rates optional) to info@albumstudiorentals.com.  No phone calls please.

1st Assistant; more than 3 years experience, knowledgeable in most if not all currently used camera systems, lighting, grip, etc. Able to set up lights, camera, computer, etc with only basic instructions from the photographer, and manage other more junior assistants on the set. Normally licensed to drive van, cubes, Sprinters, etc. and experienced with location and destination work. Earns the top of the pay scale but delivers exceptional on-set support.

Second Assistant

1-3 years experience, well versed in most current equipment and camera systems when operated in normal or common settings. Requires some instructions from the photographer in order to set up and configure lights, computer, camera, grip, etc. Day rates may be more negotiable and skill levels may vary.

Kin Lon Ma contactme@kinlonma.com647.448.62582YY/YProducer-style photo assisting.
Michael Chui mchui22@gmail.com416.839 .36823YN/YLighting Assistant, Producer, and Digital Capture
Niamh Barry niamhfbarry@gmail.com416.712.86713YY/Y
Kyle Jones kjones3dprint@gmail.com226.975.08293YY/YOn set retouching, Digital Capture, and Lighting Set up
Jenna MacDermaidJenna@macdermaid.net647.929.25432-3YY/YLighting, Grip, Capture, Retouching, Phase One
Stephen Gaitanstephen.gaitan@gmail.com416.912.67221YY/YProficient in Canon, Nikon, Sony and PhaseOne, lighting, retouching
Joe Bulawanjoebulawan@gmail.com647.966.29363YY/YCapture One, Adobe Photoshop, Profoto, Speedotron, Broncolor, Elinchrom, a few HMI's (Jokers / Arris), PhaseOne
Aleksandar Antonijevicasquaredphotostudio@gmail.com416 825 029810YY/Y Photo assistant, Lightroom,Photoshop, ProFoto, Canon
Christian Fortinochristian.w.fortino@gmail.com 416 885 2138 1YY/Y Photo Assistant, Grip, Capture One & Lightroom