In many cases we are flexible with this but, occasionally, we do have clients return very late without contacting us which can affect the next renter.  Here are our "standard" guidelines for rentals.  Please let us know if you need early pick up or late drop off.  Last pick up time is 5:30pm (depending on location) and Rentals is closed at 6:00pm.

  • 1 day (weekday) - 24 hours from pick up
  • 1 day (weekend) - Friday at 3:00pm until Monday at 11:00 am
  • 1 week - 7 days from pick up time.  This is billed as 3 days
  • Half day - 5 hours or less from pick up
  • Over night - pick up between 3:00-6:00pm, return by 9:00am